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Your eco-tour around Diani beach, the most beautiful beach
in Kenya.



This ride is not arduous, starting off  at Aqualand Centre, a few kms to the area known as Kaya Kinondo where villagers will greet you, escort you to their kayas (sacred clearings in the forest used as prayer places and important community meetings).  They will recount their history which goes back many centuries, talk about their role, the sacred trees and plants.

Forest Tour - visit the Kaya Kinondo, sacred forest of the coastal tribe and meet the villagers who will explain their culture, recount their history, and back home;

RIDE TIME 4 Hours, Total distance 9 km, PRICE 35 €

Included in price are:

- free transports to and from
- tour guide
- bottled water
- entry charges

Your personal requirements:
- t-shirt
- head scarf
- sun protection
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