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Your eco-tour around Diani beach, the most beautiful beach
in Kenya.


This ride involves a peep into rural Kenyan life.  Leaving Diani Bikes Centre and riding through forest paths. The first visit begins in the Masai village, where you can see how they live, says the Masai, Masai seen the dances, fires and he shall be able to buy a souvenir to commemorate the Masai. The second stop is a simple, self-help primary school (it is a nice idea to bring small gifts of books, pens or sweets), and then continues to a village community of simple homesteads. A visit to the local Mganga (the Swahili name for a witch doctor) but these days they deal in healing and herbal treatments, not casting spells! (Although many have psychic powers), the ride continues Ukunda rural market where there’s local shopping. Also, you can taste the coconut and coconut wine. Then finally back home. 

Village Tour - Masai villagea ride through the natural forest to a local school, a village community, show you how they live, a medicine man with his healing herbs, the Ukunda rural market for local shopping if desired and back home;


RIDE TIME 4 Hours, Total distance 14 km, PRICE 35 €

Included in price are:
- free transports to and from
- tour guide
- bottled water
- entry charges

Your personal requirements:
- t-shirt
- head scarf
- sun protection
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