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Your eco-tour around Diani beach, the most beautiful beach
in Kenya.



This is the longest ride, it requires a reasonable degree of fitness, starting off at the Diani Bike Centre and riding along the sandy beach, past the coconut fronted hotels and houses, round the coral outcrops to where the river Congo delta where it meets the Indian Ocean – a spectacular sight.  Here we will ride in a canoe into the river to see mangrove swamps which host many sea creatures as well as seabirds, and huge ancient baobab trees

Beach Ride - a ride along the sandy beach to the river Congo, take a ride in a canoe into the mangrove swamps, huge baobab trees and birdlife and back home;

RIDE TIME 5 Hours, Total distance 18 km, PRICE 25 €

Included in price are:

- free transports to and from
- tour guide
- bottled water
- entry charges

Your personal requirements:
- t-shirt
- head scarf
- sun protection
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